Month: December 2017

WTF! My Champagne Is Made With Pig??!!

It’s that lovely time of year when we will be popping bottles and fronting like we are kings and queens free from all of the atrocities going on in the world. The last thing on most people’s minds is “does this champagne contain animal products”? Well, the short answer to that  is yes, a lot of champagne out there does, in fact,  contain fining agents such as casein (from milk), albumen (egg), gelatin (pork), and isinglass (fish swim bladders – ohhmygross). They are used to help remove impurities, for clarity and taste. Here at Phat Vegan, we came up...

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Top 5 Vegan Hangover Cures

It’s that time of year again when that one champagne toast turns into way to many! Here at the Phat Vegan we have come up with a short list for you to be prepared! Remember, it’s important that you eat before drinking to slow the absorption of alcohol and to reduce the irritation that it causes to the stomach. Include healthy fats such as an olive oil dressing to slow absorption of alcohol, thereby slowing the work for your liver. Coconut Water Coconut water is naturally packed  full of electrolytes and minerals also. It contains all five essential electrolytes and is...

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