Best PHO kin Vegan Recipe Ever!

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We have tried many many Vegan Pho Recipes, but this one takes the PHO kin trophy!
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Original Post by Lisa Le
If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve now branded myself as The Viet Vegan, almost nobody would know I was Vietnamese (in real life, anyway). I’ve had people ask me if I was Chinese, Korean, Laotian, heck, one of my friends thought I was Tibetan. I don’t even know what a Tibetan person looks like, although my friend firmly insists that they look like me. My own people don’t even recognize that I’m Vietnamese! In Vietnam, I’m this pale, white whale of an Asian and people will often talk about me in Vietnamese as if I couldn’t understand them.

Homemade Vegan Vietnamese Pho

2 hr Cook Time
2 hr Total Time


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