Our Top Vegan YouTube Channels for 2018

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Are you looking for great vegan foodie content on YouTube to binge on and watch all day, eeryday? Well, your answer is right here! We have come up with a short list of some of our Favorite YouTube channels (in no particular order).


Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

IG @thesarahsullivan
We Love this girl here at The Phat Vegan! Her great attitude, great recipes and her passion for the plant based lifestyle makes this channel shine! Catch her on a good day and she might even sing for you! 😉


The Happy Pear

These hella talented and handsome twins from Ireland, serve up such a great channel for tips and recipes for a balanced and plant based healthy lifestyle. If you happen to be in Wicklow Ireland, check out their restaurant and market!


Supreme Banana

IG @mssupremebanana
My god, what is there not to say about this genius of a person! We are in love with her super fast cuts, amazing personality and those beautiful pearly whites! Her channel is full of useful tips on eating out and making any meal vegan. Her cooking skills well lets just say they are unique lol. My fav episode had to be the the glow in the dark vegan donuts lol f*cking dying! #veganized !


The Viet Vegan

IG @thevietvegan
Our favorite Canadian foodie YouTuber has to be this lady!  We featured one of her recipes for a spectacular  Vegan Pho! We love her channel and her great attitude for the vegan life!


Cheap Lazy Vegan

IG @cheaplazyvegan
Just hearing the intro music to this lovely ladies YouTube channel just puts a smile on our face. Her awesome recipes and her over all vibe makes you feel all warm and fuzzy like visiting with an old friend! She even teams up time to time  with some of the YouTubers on this list!


The Edgy Veg

IG @edgyveg
Whats there not to like about this channel! Our favorite part of this channel is when she takes fast food staples and creates a similar vegan version. Her Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich was so on point!



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