A Vegans Guide To Fast Food Chains

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Sometimes you don’t want to be the amazing vegan chef you think you are, and just want something fast and quick to quench your lazy ass appetite. We came across a great article that helps any vegan with this typical problem, Enjoy!

Original Post By: onegreenplanet.org

1. Au Bon Pain Soups and Chili


Au Bon Pain offers several soups and vegetarian chili that are vegan. Soups include Tuscan White Bean, Black Bean, Curried Rice and Lentil, 12 Veggie, Barley and Creamy Lentil, Harvest Mushroom and Wheatberries, Swiss Chard and Three Bean, and French Moroccan Tomato Lentil. Check their menu for gluten-free options.

2. Burger King French Fries


There isn’t much you can get at Burger King that’s vegan. Their Morningstar Veggie Burger has both milk and eggs and their oatmeal contains dairy. The French Fries, however, are vegan as are their Apple Slices.

3. Chick-Fil-A Hash Browns and Waffle Fries


Unless you’re want one of their salads minus the chicken, the only cooked vegan options at Chick-Fil-A are the Hash Browns (served only at breakfast) and the Waffle Potato Fries. They do serve a fresh Fruit Cup and Cinnamon Apple Sauce on the kid’s menu.

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4. The Cheesecake Factory Vegan Cobb Salad


There is plenty to eat at The Cheesecake Factory if you ask them to keep the chicken and cheese out of the dishes. However, there is also the Vegan Cobb Salad, which contains lettuce, grilled asparagus, green beans, roasted beets, avocado, cucumber, tomato, chickpeas, quinoa, almond, and sunflower seeds with a house vinaigrette.

5. Chipotle Mexican Grill Sofritas


The Burritos, Bowls, Tacos and Salads at Chipotle Mexican Grill can be made vegan by ordering sofritas instead of meat. The tortillas, fajita vegetables, rice, beans, salsas, chips, and guacamole are all vegan. Note: their chipotle-honey vinaigrette is not vegan.

6. Denny’s Build Your Own Burger


You may not think of Denny’s when you think of vegan food, but Denny’s serves Amy’s burgers as the veggie patty for the Build Your Own Burger. The brioche bun is vegan, and you can even have fries on the side.

7. Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s Pizza has one vegan crust that is the Thin Crust (the Gluten-Free crust contains honey). Top it with their Original Pizza Sauce and a bunch of veggies. You can order a Garden Salad (hold the cheese) with Balsamic or Italian Dressing, and you’ve got a vegan meal. Check out How to Order Pizza From Any Delivery Store for other pizza options.

8. Mellow Mushroom Vegan Menu


Mellow Mushroom is a vegan’s dream. They offer a separate vegan menu and Daiya cheese can be substituted for dairy cheese on any menu item. The vegan menu has pretzels, hummus, several salads, pizzas (including build your own), calzones and several hoagies with tofu, tempeh or mushrooms.

9. Noodles & Company Indonesian Peanut Saute


Noodles & Company has several dishes suitable for vegans. The menu has a “v” next to vegetarian dishes; then you need to make sure there are no eggs or dairy. The Indonesian Peanut Saute is a spicy peanut sauce and rice noodle stir-fry that is vegan. You can also order the Japanese Pan Noodles, Bangkok Curry, soups, and salads. You can also add tofu to any dish.

10. Panera Bread Low-Fat Vegetarian Black Bean Soup


Panera Bread’s Vegetarian Black Bean Soup is vegan. It has black beans cooked in a spicy vegetarian broth with onions, peppers, garlic, and cumin. Other vegetarian soups have dairy or honey so be sure to check the ingredients. Have your soup with some ciabatta bread on the side.

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