Top 5 Snacks for your Vegan Halloween!

Vegan Skulls

The holiday season is finally upon us which means vegans, beware! Dairy, Eggs and Meat dominate the holidays, and it can be tricky finding the right vegan treats. Get the upper hand and kick off this fall with your very own Halloween party: show your friends how a vegan holiday is done!

  1. Twizzlers

Halloween isn’t Halloween without the candy, and lucky for vegans there are still plenty of sugary treats for us out there! Twizzlers are on the top of the list for your Halloween party this year due to their delicious versatility. With straws under attack in 2018, serve-up your party punch with this childhood favorite straw substitute. Vegan and Eco- Friendly – Yum!



  1. Apple Skulls

No party is complete without some festive party games, and what better than an old Halloween party favorite – Bobbing for Apples! To add a little more Halloween flair to your apples, peel the outside and cut out eyes and a mouth to resemble a skull. Additionally, consider dipping your skull apples in some vegan chocolate sauce that can be made by melting some dark chocolate with coconut oil – creepy and delicious!

Check out this awesome recipe!

Vegan Skulls

  1. Oreos

A long time vegan favorite – Oreos! Rebrand Oreos as ‘Vegans’ Favorite Cookie’ this Halloween and throw them into the mix of your vegan-friendly party snacks. An easy way to transform your Oreos into a themed cookie is by adding some food coloring into the white crème center. “Blood” Oreos anyone?

Vegan Oreos

  1. Caramel Corn

Fall time tends to bring out a thirst for caramel among hungry humans, and you can’t leave your guests disappointed! Caramel Corn is an easy way to impress your guests with a deliciously home-made vegan snack. PETA provides a simple and tasty vegan recipe for Caramel Corn you can try at home.

Vegan Caramel Corn

  1. Trail Mix

A staple party snack, a trail mix is an easy way to get creative and keep it vegan. Start off with some pretzels and nuts – making sure to watch out for any sneaky non-vegan additives – and then add on at your discretion! Consider making your mix sweet and salty by throwing in some dark chocolate chips and Swedish fish. Tasty!

Vegan Trail Mix

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