What is a Counterfeit Driver License?

Nowadays in the global village secure environment is becoming an essential part of our lives, proper secure and trustable identification is an excellent feature in many aspects. When we try to discuss Fake ID, our mind goes to form fake identification by accessing different type of online websites. This kind of service is available at the internet to create your fake IDs, passports and driving license.

Getting a reddit Fake ID:

Not even driving license, Fake ID can also be used for various purposes like marketing business. These IDs cards are used to show some details. Moreover, they are also called novelty cards. If you are looking where to buy fake IDs, then there are some ways to purchase an illegal ID, it is straightforward to buy them from many websites offering to make illegal IDs. You have to fill up your official details through online on the site such as your name, nationality, height, eye color, ID number, signature, date of birth, address and more. If you can’t pass in your driving exam and failed in your driving test after attempt and it happens again and couldn’t get your driving license. Then you try to follow another path which is fake IDs to get a permit to operate your vehicle, and one question comes in mind where to buy fake IDs, but be remember it is illegal and against law enforcement of the state.

Where to find a fake id maker? Well, its’ quite simple. You have to go to any particular website which offers driving license and order an ID, and then they will deliver as a parcel at your given official address. There is another option to order it from some gangs who use a lot. Mostly these IDs are used for pranks, as a gift to your friends, to make fun for private use and a theater. Different type of companies offers different novelty cards for different states.

Let’s suppose if your parents are old and they can’t go outside and renew their driving license, in this case, you can order it from and gift them. People do use them for fake driving license. However, they are strictly not allowed to use as a real driving license on public roads.

Production of Fake IDs by Sites:

Where to buy fake IDs, the answer is here. There are a large number of online companies which are providing fake IDs including good quality. You can search on the internet many companies are claiming that we can give you a good variety of service according to your desires. There is a difference between fake and real identification. That is cost, yes! The counterfeit IDs cheaper than real IDs, and a realistic license is much expansive to get. Most companies demand your details to ship your ID without any significant cost.

Quick Ways:

There are some steps to form your driving license.

Scan your ID with the help of a computer or printer:

The first thing to make sure that holographic elements should note the front and back side.

Time to edit the image by an image editor:

You can use various editor what else you like such as Adobe Photoshop, be funky, GIMP and paint.net.

Upload Your Photo:

Take a photo according to valid resolutions and size. The picture should be clear and should not be a blur.

Take a heavy cardstock:

Be careful to make your back and front side card and cut the side of the card correctly. Gather Both Sides. Join both sides together with the help of glue or gum stick.

Formation of Holograms:

If you want to make it a professional card, then you need to add owns holograms portion.

Final Step (trimming):

Trim your card according to the standard size of real driving license.

Spotting Security Features to Detect Fake IDs:

The Driving is quick advancing passion. A license is official and valid documents which allow a particular individual to ride the vehicles, like a motorbike, truck, car, or bus, etc., on a public road. We should try to know about it that how can we detect any fake identification such as a driving license. The essential purpose of a driver’s license is to notify law enforcement personnel that you obtain by your state. Legally it allows you to ride a motor vehicle. Without it, you are unable and have no right to operate your vehicle. If a traffic police officer detects you, the first question will come about your driving license.

Clearance and Quality of Photo:

A picture in the ID card is essential to identify a person’s face. The picture quality should be clear and blur less to see the person’s face. Make sure that the present appearance of the person and in a picture should be similar

Printed Data in ID card:

One more thing which is not efficient, the use of another person’s expired driving license. Make sure that there is tampering or not with an ID card or driving license. Always look after the expiry date of the ID card.

License Formats in Various Types:

In many states, driving license for few are formatted vertically, and for people of 21 is horizontal.

Checking of Microprint:

Usually, many countries are using microprint as a security effect. It is a particular type of straight line to the naked eye which appears in ID cards. A specific kind of magnifier can see it.

Holographic Image:

There is another additional thing which is another security effect to identify counterfeit IDs are driving license. It carries an image that flashes in the bright light. Because of this any fake ID or license can be detected.

Technology to Spot Fake Documents:

Ultra-violet light.

Ultra-violet Light is a useful technology in security departments to identify any ID by signature. Most of the countries are using this technology.

ID scanner:

ID scanner is a device which is helpful at the time of admission to verify any authenticity. It can read a large number of IDs or license.


Fake ID Websites:

  1. https://idchief.com – Fake ID rating 9/10
  2. http://fakeyourdrank.com Fake ID rating 10/10
  3. http://idking.ph Fake ID  rating 8/10


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