Author: Andrea Lawmaster

An Open Letter To Our Vegetarian Friends

Hey Vegetarian! Wazzup dude? How have you been? I’m sorry it’s been awhile since we’ve spoke. I’ve been meaning to talk to you actually. Me, and the rest of the V gang wanted to invite you over! We have so much in common! We are both environmentalists, we are both humanitarians, we are both concerned about animal rights, and we both love great food! Speaking of food though, have you given up eggs and dairy yet? Oh my gosh, did you read Peta’s article, “21 Things the Egg Industry Doesn’t Want You to See”? It was literally just a...

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The Myths Around Raising A Child Vegan

One common myth you will frequently hear is that you cannot raise a healthy child on a vegan diet. According to CBS News, “stories of vegan parents being arrested for malnourished children pop up every few years in the U.S., and the cases in Italy have made international news.” However, the problem lies not within the vegan part of the diet, but it is the inadequacy of the diet. This was the case for those that made the news. “Where on earth did they get the idea that this was a vegan diet?” says Reed, regarding reported diets of solely nuts...

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