Author: Oksana Nikole

10 Products You Thought Were Vegan, But Are Not! Part 2

WTF! I Thought it Was Vegan?! Even when employing our most cautious behavior -double checking the labels and sorting through all the vegan don’ts -there’s still a plethora of sneaky products out there us vegans have to be on the watch for. From vitamins to produce, there’s an impossible amount of questionable terrain to cover in identifying the vegan phonies, but don’t be discouraged! Luckily, with a little bit of research, we can uncover the hidden perpetrators that threaten our vegan lifestyles and effect change by pushing for ethical alternatives to some of our favorite – but disappointingly cruelty-laden-...

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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Vegan Leathers!

When pursuing a vegan lifestyle, we do it not only for animal welfare but to benefit and preserve our environment as well. A vegan diet is relatively straight-forward to maintain when it comes to scanning the grocery shelves and produce isles, however purchasing vegan accessories, clothes, and the like can be a much trickier front to tackle. When shopping for vegan products, it can be tempting to read any label denoting ‘vegan’ and accept its credibility without any further research regarding its origins. In the case of vegan leather, you could be making an egregious error against the environment...

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